Thursday, July 14, 2005

Great blog, dude

Some blog - keep saying I have interesting things to say in my blog - whatever they were I forget now.

Will try and have more regular entries in future.

We were laughing in work recently that a character in He-Man is called Fisto. He's got this big metal hand - kinda like Hellboy's big stone hand. Someone was having a laugh when they were coming up with He-Man - Ram Man? Fisto? I can just picture that meeting!

Anyway - there's a book on how they all came up with it:

Not that I've read it - I just stumbled across it here:

Anyway - I was at home the other day and the new He-Man cartoon was on Toonami - and i was guessing that they'd have let a character called Fisto go - but no, towards the end of the episode he-man's exclaiming "Fistooo!" Although he just looks like he has this big stonking fleshy hand now rather than a metal one.