Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh! The Stench!

A putrefied stench hung in the canteen yet again today - as someone apparently lacking any sense of smell microwaved a rather fishy lunch during the busy lunchtime period. The reaction of the other 40 or so diners to this olfactory assault was uniformly negative - many choosing to return to their desks than to inhale said vile vapours.

I wonder if she's any relation to Dr. Zoidberg?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

7000 Chickens

"CAVAN: A truck is no longer obstructing the N55 at Ballineagh, however the route should still be avoided as up to 7000 chickens are loose in the area. Some of the hens are laying eggs on the road and conditions are quite treacherous all drivers are asked to reduce their speed. "


CAVAN: The N55 at Ballinagh has been cleared of any obstructions. Most loose chickens have been moved into adjacent fields. Temporary lights will be in operation and minor delays can be expected.