Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Phantom vs Geldof


That (former) [Boomtown] Rat and his Zed FM is bringing the whole Pahntom FM decision to the Supreme court... I'll be sick if those bastards get their hands on the licence.

Phantom FM was a really good pirate station - they were alway a true alternative when the other Dublin stations were like clones of each other, spewing out the same lowest common denominator excrement. Phantom had a massive following - testament to the fact that there was and is a vast swathe of radio listeners who are not catered for.



I just hope going commercial (if they win the case) doesn't make them turn to crap.
Last night I went to a market research group. When you go to these gigs you get between €25 and €60 and a couple of free drinks - since i was on the battle damaged scoot - I wasn't pushing my luck with a stout - so I opted for coffee.

The best of these are the focus groups on alcoholic drinks - a subject i could talk about for hours...last night's was on probiotic yoghurt drinks.

I got a slagging from one or two of the other lads when I said my job is a "Network analyst". It was like being back at school getting stick for being knowledgeable - jaysus, some people should pull their heads out of their asses and take a breath from time to time - although for some, ignorance must be bliss. Besides - what I do isn't rocket science!

Oh, my ass!

Took a slide up the road on my ass coming out of the estate yesterday due to back wheel slipping on ice - it looked ok to ride on - a light frosting - however it was the frozen muck underneath that was the problem.

A bit stiff today - and the scoot's off the road pending a bit of repair (RH mirror smashed, RH front Indicator smashed - Rh pannel rightly scuffed to bits, though it's the third time that pannel's bitten the dust - i'm glad i held off on the respray. Oh yeah - the headset needs to be straightened out)

Translapping my way up today - and the road looked a heluva lot cleaner than it did yesterday - someone must've got the roadsweeper in - whether it was a reaction to my mishap or pure coincidence I don't know.