Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oh, my ass!

Took a slide up the road on my ass coming out of the estate yesterday due to back wheel slipping on ice - it looked ok to ride on - a light frosting - however it was the frozen muck underneath that was the problem.

A bit stiff today - and the scoot's off the road pending a bit of repair (RH mirror smashed, RH front Indicator smashed - Rh pannel rightly scuffed to bits, though it's the third time that pannel's bitten the dust - i'm glad i held off on the respray. Oh yeah - the headset needs to be straightened out)

Translapping my way up today - and the road looked a heluva lot cleaner than it did yesterday - someone must've got the roadsweeper in - whether it was a reaction to my mishap or pure coincidence I don't know.


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