Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Phantom vs Geldof


That (former) [Boomtown] Rat and his Zed FM is bringing the whole Pahntom FM decision to the Supreme court... I'll be sick if those bastards get their hands on the licence.

Phantom FM was a really good pirate station - they were alway a true alternative when the other Dublin stations were like clones of each other, spewing out the same lowest common denominator excrement. Phantom had a massive following - testament to the fact that there was and is a vast swathe of radio listeners who are not catered for.



I just hope going commercial (if they win the case) doesn't make them turn to crap.


Anonymous John Caddell said...

Hey, it's John Caddell here, Music Director for Phantom FM. Thanks for your support, and I promise you we won't turn to crap!

11:39 pm  
Blogger Adam said...

Bah - the site is throwing up a 404 - any news for those of us stranded the other side of the pond - I used to love phantom, though the reception was useless in my old room.......

11:35 pm  

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